July 25, 2012 — July 25, 2016

In July 2012, FundersClub launched the world's first online venture capital platform. Our mission? Discover, fund, and support the world's top startups. We are thrilled to share our community's story.


Portfolio Companies Acquired

While many of our most successful startups continue to grow, deferring an IPO or acquisition to the future, FundersClub has already overseen a steady stream of profitable exits. View some of our selected exits below.

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Follow-on capital

Top startup investors including Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Kleiner Perkins have invested an estimated $1B+ in companies first funded by FundersClub.

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Acceptance Rate

FundersClub targets the world's highest-promise startups. Our vetting process starts with trusted referrals and screened applications. This is followed by internal Investment Committee review, and then by a community-powered Panel review. FundersClub has gone on to invest in an estimated <2% of the companies it reviews.

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Accredited Investors

Members of the FundersClub investor community hail from 63 countries around the world. FundersClub leverages the connections and expertise of these business and technical leaders to help discover the world's best startups and to provide the startups with an expanded rolodex for value-added support.

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Companies Funded

FundersClub invests in disruptive, technology-enabled startups pursuing multi-billion dollar addressable markets. Explore the breakdown of our portfolio by sector.

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Countries with FundersClub Companies

We are Silicon Valley based with a global reach. We look all around the world to find the best companies to invest in.

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FundersClub focuses on creating a delightful experience for top startup founders. Our aim is to be a long-term, value-add partner to help our startups achieve success.

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Footnote: When FundersClub portfolio founders were asked "How likely are you to recommend FundersClub to a friend (1-10)?" 93% of respondents put 8 (16%) , 9 (21%), or 10 (60%). This compares to the following 2014 study which showed the average VC would get recommended only by 60% of their entrepreneurs.

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