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Top institutional VC investors like Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and First Round Capital have all led follow-on investments in startups first available on FundersClub.

APR '13

FundersClub invests in Instacart Seed Round

JUL '13

$8.5M Series A

Sequoia Capital

Khosla Ventures

Canaan Partners

SV Angel

Paul Buchheit

JUN '14

$44M Series B

Andreessen Horowitz

Sequoia Capital

Khosla Ventures

Canaan Partners

Aaron Levie

Sam Altman

DEC '14

$220M Series C

Kleiner Perkins

DEC '12

FundersClub Invests In Coinbase Seed Round

MAY '13

$5M Series A

Union Square Ventures

Ribbit Capital


SV Angel

DEC '13

$25M Series B

Andreessen Horowitz

Union Square Ventures

Ribbit Capital

JAN '15

$75M Series C

DFJ Growth


APR '13

FundersClub invests in Teespring Seed Round

JAN '14

$20M Series A

Andreessen Horowitz

NOV '14

$35M Series B

Khosla Ventures

APR '13

FundersClub invests in TalentBin Series A

FEB '14

TalentBin acquired by Monster (NASDAQ: MNST)

AUG '13

FundersClub invests in SpoonRocket Seed Round

MAY '14

$11M Series A

Foundation Capital

General Catalyst


MAR '13

FundersClub invests in Thalmic Labs Seed Round

MAY '13

$14.5M Series A

Spark Capital

Intel Capital

Formation 8

First Round Capital

DEC '12

FundersClub invests in Soldsie Seed Round 2

NOV '13

FundersClub invests in Soldsie Seed Round 3

MAY '14

$4M Series A

First Round Capital

SoftTech VC

Lerer Ventures

Correlation Ventures

MAR '14

FundersClub invests in Move Loot Seed Round

MAY '14

$2.8M Series Seed

First Round Capital

Index Ventures

Google Ventures

SV Angel

FEB '15

$9M Series A

Metamorphic Ventures

First Round Capital

Google Ventures

Index Ventures

Sherpa Ventures


Invest in the Best

Fewer than 2% of startups that FundersClub reviews are made available for investment on FundersClub. Startups are vetted by the FundersClub network, the FundersClub Investment Committee, and the FundersClub Panel.

1.8% Startup Acceptance Rate

Earn Competitive Returns

An investor investing equally across all FundersClub Partnership funds would have an unrealized net IRR of 104.8%.**

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What top VCs are saying about FundersClub

Josh Kopelman

Founder of First Round Capital

“As someone who spends over 30 hours a month on planes/trains, I know how hard it is to stay connected and get access to the strongest startups. What FundersClub provides for everyone, is insider access.

Aileen Lee

Founder of Cowboy Ventures, Partner at Kleiner Perkins

“One of the companies that we are investors in, we are co-investors with FundersClub. It’s been really great to get to know the FundersClub team and I'm happy to be part of their community.

Tim Draper

Founder of DFJ

“I am thrilled with what FundersClub is doing for entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Garry Tan

Partner at Y Combinator

“FundersClub is doing great work…we really like working with them.

* It should not be assumed that investments made available in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of securities in this list

** A FundersClub member investing equally across all available FundersClub Partnership investments would have, net of administrative costs and carried interest, an unrealized annual net rate of return ("Unrealized Net IRR") on their portfolio of 104.8% for the period from FundersClub's launch on July 25, 2012 through January 20, 2015. This data speaks only as of the date hereof, and FundersClub disclaims any obligation or undertaking to provide updates or revisions to reflect any change in its expectations or returns.

The stated IRR is unrealized and based solely on our own estimate of the current value of our fund investments; was not provided or verified by the companies or third party valuation; and does not represent actual return of capital or gain to FundersClub members. Our methodology for determining the unrealized IRR is described in the following link. The actual return outcomes for investments are highly uncertain and may, in the end, be significantly lower than the stated unrealized IRR. Additionally, our past performance is not indicative of future returns, so we can't provide assurances that comparable returns individually or in the aggregate will be achieved by any current or future FundersClub fund.

Disclosure: Investing in startups carries a high degree of risk. In general, financial and operating risks confronting both early and developmental-stage companies, as well as more mature expansion-stage companies are significant. Many emerging growth companies go out of businesses every year. It is difficult to know how companies will grow, if at all, or what changes may occur in the market. A loss of an investor's entire investment is possible and no profit may be realized. Investors are responsible for conducting their own due diligence.