About FundersClub

How FundersClub Works

FundersClub is a new type of venture capital platform.

FundersClub is built around a unique online marketplace that allows accredited investors to become equity holders in FundersClub-managed venture funds – which then fund pre-screened, private companies. The platform combines industry-standard venture funds, with an easy-to-use web-platform that allows members to browse and screen fund investment opportunities, view investment profiles and sign legal documents. The result – deserving companies get the capital they need, and investors get unprecedented access to the opportunities they want and the ability to build a diversified portfolio.

Step 1: Join

Low minimums

Investments are made in venture funds set up for the startups, and therefore, the minimum check sizes are usually 8-30 times smaller than typical angel investments - $3K typically, vs. $25K-$100K. This provides an easier way to build a diversified portfolio

Insider access

Insider access to invest in startup opportunities that are pre-screened by FundersClub Investment Committee and FundersClub Panel (a panel of FundersClub investor members).


To be an accredited investor requires a minimum income and/or net wealth. The sign-up process of FundersClub verifies the accreditation of its members.

Free membership

Unlike many angel groups, it is free to be a member of FundersClub.

Step 2: Browse

Browse funds

Members can view highlights of startup opportunities on the Browse Fund page and click to learn more about ones that interest them

Fund profile

For each company fund, there is a detailed profile of the company with information provided by the company, including key metrics, market information, customer testimonials, and a Q&A with the founders

Q&A forum

There is a Q&A Forum where members can post questions they have about the startup, and the founders can reply.

Email updates

FundersClub will send email updates when launching new opportunities or with interesting updates on existing opportunities to members, roughly once per week.

Step 3: Invest


Members can pay online with ease by entering bank account information, and FundersClub will issue a bank transfer

Legal documents

Once you decide which fund you want to invest in, you can easily sign the legal docs online using e-signature

Accredited investor verification

FundersClub may request additional information to verify a prospective investor's accredited investor status

Step 4: Stay engaged

Startup updates

Investors will receive company updates, prominent press articles, and updates from the founders (some companies provide regular updates, while others do not -- we seek to provide information as possible, it's a delicate balance to strike with founders)

Distribution list

FundersClub startups may use an email distribution list to contact investors directly, for targeted help, for example, for introductions for partnerships, if they are looking to hire a new developer, or launching a new product.

FundersClub events

FundersClub holds events and networking opportunities for its active members, its startups, and its dealflow partners in various cities around the world.