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FundersClub Series A Checklist

Building a company to the point where it can expect to get past the Series A crunch is hard enough, but landing the Series A, even with a worthy company, takes a lot of work and planning. We've created this Series A Checklist to help startups cut down on some of the work that goes into raising this crucial round of fundraising.

Your Money in 20 Years: The Future of Robo-Advisors

Robo-advising products are puncturing the investment market and challenging incumbent financial firms to innovate in order to stay relevant. Now, the question becomes: who will be managing your money in 20 years?

The Uncertain Future of Carmakers

Some believe that traditional carmakers are already doomed. But it's unlikely that Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda will just disappear. Some of the winners of the next chapter of transportation will be companies we haven’t heard of yet. But some of the incumbents will find ways to adapt, to evolve.

Missed Signals in the Presidential Campaign

Flawed assumptions can lead a campaign, much like a startup itself, to take actions and make plans that sow its demise.

The Current State of Virtual Reality

Keeping track of the players in the VR space takes a lot of effort. Here's our update on where VR is at, and our thoughts on where it's going.

Biases: The Biggest Force Holding Back Startup Investors

Biases pervade every industry, even tech, and they can limit startup investors’ ability to recognize amazing companies. We've put together a guide on how startup investors can recognize their unconscious biases and fairly evaluate every startup you have the opportunity to fund.

Introducing Network Search for FundersClub founders

Today, we’re proud to announce the next iteration of the value-add pillar of our online VC platform with the rollout of Network Search, available to all FundersClub founders. The product expands the rolodex of a founder by orders of magnitude, giving them superpowers in securing warm introductions for building and scaling their startups. It is made possible by the FundersClub network.

Taming A Massive Market Through an API with Shippo’s Laura Behrens Wu

Laura Behrens Wu co-founded Shippo with Simon Kreuz. The platform provides businesses with an API to ship anything, anywhere while optimizing on costs and speed. It was one of the first solutions providing a modern API across all of the disparate shipping options available to ecommerce companies. The company recently...

Landing Your Dream Job When You Least Expect It

Conversation with David Handel on founding multiple tech startups after retiring from a 30 year radiology practice.

Startup Investors Guide: Angel Investing Etiquette

Startup investing etiquette can confuse even the most thoughtful of investors. Here's our guide on how investors can build a reputation based on fairness and proper understanding of ground rules within the angel investing space.

Building a Worldwide Network of Employees and Contributors with Sid Sijbrandij, CEO and Co-founder at

GitLab has taken an unconventional route to its success in a number of ways. FC's Chris Steiner and GitLab CEO and co-founder Sid Sijbrandij chat about GitLab's unique path.

What The Marine Corps and Startup Investing Have In Common

Member Spotlight: Landon Thorne, an investor with Greylock and FundersClub