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Mining Teenagers’ Minds For An Edge In Venture Capital: A Conversation With Arielle Zuckerberg

Live chat between Arielle Zuckerberg and FundersClub CEO, Alex Mittal, on the insights that she’s acquired as a product-person turned VC.

The Best Term Sheets Align Interests Of Founders And Investors

The best term sheets do something simple and intuitive: they align the interests of both founders and investors, and pave a healthy relationship between the parties moving forward.

College students should work summers...but not always for somebody else

How to use your summers to get ahead, without going corporate.

Blockchain’s Massive Potential: A Conversation with Joey Krug

A conversation between FC's Christine Georghiou and Joey Krug, founder of Augur and FundersClub investor member.

Transparent VC, Episode 2: Liquidation Preference

In episode two of our new podcast "Transparent VC", the FC Venture team discusses the intricacies of liquidation preference. They'll share its history, as well as stories where it goes well, where it goes badly, and how to find alignment with it.

Each Immigrant FundersClub Founder Creates 159 U.S. Jobs

This study explores the impact that first and second generation immigrants have had on the FundersClub portfolio, and on the U.S. economy via U.S. job creation.

Work on Startups Early In Life, Get Technical If You’re Not. A Chat With Garry Tan—Founder, VC and Former YC Partner

Live conversation between FundersClub CEO, Alex Mittal, and Garry Tan – founder, YC Partner, and VC at Initialized Capital.

The Best Hardware Startups Build Communities And Software

Building great hardware is getting much easier. Knowing how the hardware game has changed, we've spoken with acute observers of the market, both investors and founders, to come up with three essential truths about the new realities for hardware startups.

Want to be a VC? Work at a Startup. Conversation with Spark VC's Megan Quinn.

Edited version of a live conversation between Megan Quinn, of Spark Capital, and FundersClub CEO, Alex Mittal.

Product-focused Founder Turned Sales Leader Shares How Founders Can Fuel Sales Success

Pete Kazanjy is one of the the preeminent thought leaders in Silicon Valley on this topic of “founder-led selling.” We've put together this guide on Pete's recommendations for founders building our a SaaS sales process.

A Breaker of Barriers Stays Plugged in To Silicon Valley Past 80

A Conversation with Ellen Uhrbrock, a Silicon Valley mainstay and FundersClub Member who, in her ninth decade of life, remains focused on helping the Bay Area evolve.

Transparent VC, Episode 1: Founders, Beware of Super Pro-Rata

The new FundersClub podcast "Transparent VC" is here! In our first episode "Founders, Beware of Super Pro-Rata" we discuss the dangers of super pro-rata, why founders should avoid it and what they can do if they've already raised a round including it.