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Introducing FundersClub Venture Points

By Felicia Curcuru  •  Nov 21, 2013

It is well known that startup investors who add the most value to the ecosystem are not just those who invest money, but investors who help improve their portfolio companies, bring strong dealflow to their network of co-investors, and refer other high quality investors to startups in their network.‚Äč

With a community of over 7,000 investors and 53 portfolio companies, we are introducing the FundersClub Venture Points Program, which is designed to recognize, for the first time, investors’ value-add to the startup ecosystem based on the following point structure:

  • Value-add: Members receive points when they provide value-add to portfolio companies (e.g., through Business Development or recruiting introductions).
  • Connectors: Members receive points when they refer companies to FundersClub, helping the community source deals.
  • Ambassadors: Members receive points when they actively refer other accredited investors to join the investor community, adding liquidity to the marketplace.
  • Due diligence (FundersClub Panel Members only): FundersClub Panel Members with expertise in different areas earn points by assisting with FundersClub's due diligence process.

With FundersClub Venture Points, we are recognizing the startup investors who make the entire startup community stronger. FundersClub members are an elite group of startup investors, including C-level executives, directors, presidents and VPs, founders and owners, investment professionals and technical specialists. By bringing increased transparency to who is adding value, our goal is to encourage investors in our ecosystem to be even more compelled to perform value-add actions. The top investors who accrue the most points are shown in a Leaderboard, which is currently visible only to FundersClub members.