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FundersClub Turns 4

By Alex Mittal  •  Aug 4, 2016

On July 25, 2016, FundersClub celebrated our 4th anniversary. Check out our 4th anniversary infographic at and explore how our community and platform has grown.

We are proud of the many accomplishments of our intrepid startup founders, the work of our VC partners, and the contributions of our investor members. I'm also incredibly proud of the talented and hard-working team here at FundersClub that I get to work alongside every day to make this all possible.

When FundersClub first began our journey four years ago, online VC was but a dream. Back then, even we would not have anticipated that our member community today would span 63 countries, that our founders would hail from 19 countries, or that others in the traditional VC industry would invest over $1B as follow-on capital into our growing portfolio.

We're proud of our track record, but our work is far from over, nor is the work over for most of the portfolio companies we go to bat for every day. Opportunity is everywhere, but access to capital, know-how, and effective value-add is not (yet). Inefficiency and opportunity remains in nearly every crevice of our society, an opportunity for our community to create and capture immense value.

We're still hard at work showing just how far we can apply our ever-growing global community, network effects, software, and our team in Silicon Valley to discovering, funding, and supporting the world's best startups. Thank you for your support thus far.

We look forward to the next four years, and many more years to come!