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Transparent VC, Episode 2: Liquidation Preference

By Jerrod Engelberg, Katie Kalmikoff and Kevin Lee  •  Feb 8, 2017

Liquidation preference is an interesting part of deal making that's not often talked about, but it can have a substantial impact particularly earlier on in a business' life. In episode two of Transparent VC, our team will speak to the history of liquidation preference, share situations where it goes well, where it goes badly, and how to find alignment with it.

Episode 2 features FC Venture team members: 
❖ Kevin Lee (Soundcloud & Twitter: @kevinleeme)
❖ Jerrod Engelberg (Soundcloud: @jerrodsamuel | Twitter: @jengelberg)
❖ Pedro Sorrentino (Soundcloud & Twitter: @pedrosorren)

** Conversations reflect the opinions of those on the show, not necessarily an official stance of FundersClub.