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FundersClub Catalyst: Free Apps, Bots, and Content to Run your Startup

By Alexandre Scialom  •  Mar 8, 2017

Announcing FundersClub Catalyst

In our quest to find, fund, and support the world's best startups, FundersClub connects with thousands of small and large startups every year. From their experiences and our own, we know what helps companies succeed: moving fast, removing friction, clearing small and large inefficiencies, and bridging the gap between engineering, sales, support, and other teams so that everyone at the company can focus on building the best customer experience. While we can only invest in a small fraction of the founders and startups we encounter, we have always wanted to give back to the ecosystem in a broader fashion.

Today we are excited to announce the launch of FundersClub Catalyst, a set of bots, apps, and content to help startups launch, manage, and grow their companies.

Beginning today, Catalyst resources are accessible to startups we fund and open to any other companies as well, for free. We started to build tools for entrepreneurs a long time ago: we have invested in and partnered with 200+ top companies, and every day, our founders use Network Search to access the 18,000+ member-wide FundersClub network for assistance with recruiting, partnerships, sales, advice, and other help. While we cannot open source Network Search, we will continue to roll out new resources with our portfolio founders first, and open source any apps, bots, tools, content, and other resources that we can.

With Catalyst, we hope to provide all startups with the tools they need to become more efficient, to ship product faster, and to better meet the needs of their users.

Introducing Fire bot, more coming soon

Today, we are launching our first Catalyst product: Fire bot. Fire bot helps your entire team participate in the Product development process and enhances the connection between the engineering and non-engineering teams of a company.

Using Fire bot, any member of your team can communicate product ideas and suggestions over the platform they are most familiar with -- Email! They can simply email the Fire bot with any suggestions, product fixes or bugs and the issue is immediately translated to GitHub, where your engineering team lives. In return, your engineering team won't have to look at emails anymore, and issues do not get lost in someone's inbox.

Installing Fire bot is easy: simply add @fire-bot as a collaborator to a repository in Github, customize your forwarding address, and add your team. Once this is done, anyone at your company can simply start emailing your custom email address to create Github issues. You can also forward any emails that requires engineering attention (for instance Intercom messages, Sentry alerts, etc) to GitHub using Fire bot.

We will release more apps and bots to help you and your startups. Please make sure to add your email to get updates via the update form at