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Transparent VC, Episode 6: It’s All About That Board

By Jerrod Engelberg, Katie Kalmikoff and Kevin Lee  •  Jun 28, 2017

Let's talk about board of directors. Why do they exist? How do they work in public companies vs startups? What should you as a founder be thinking about when dealing with a board of directors. Jerrod and Kevin hit upon all of these and more while also sharing some quick takeaways and learnings during episode 6 of Transparent VC.

This episode features FC Venture team members:
❖ Kevin Lee (Soundcloud & Twitter: @kevinleeme)
❖ Jerrod Engelberg (Soundcloud: @jerrodsamuel | Twitter: @jengelberg)

Conversations reflect the opinions of those on the show, not necessarily an official stance of FundersClub.