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Ultraportable electric vehicle company revolutionizing transportation

News and Press

The Electric Skateboard Company That Would Take Over the World

Wired • Aug. 4, 2016

It's clear from the beginning that something is different about this couch. It’s a beaten-up gray and has the word “Boosted” written across the back in blocky orange letters—as in Boosted Boards, America’s favorite purveyor of electric-powered skateboards.

Bosch Brings eMobility Minds Together at the 2016 Creative Transportation Forum

PR Newswire • May 13, 2016

The Creative Transportation Forum brought "eMobility" experts and entrepreneurs together in the form of panelists Claudia Wasko (GM, Bosch eBike Systems Americas), Sanjay Dastoor (Founder, Boosted Boards), Mike Waltman (VP of Fleet, Scoot Networks), and Ross Evans (Founder and CEO, Xtracycle).

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Founders / Key Team

Sanjay Dastoor
Sanjay Dastoor
CEO & Co-Founder

Co-founded Boosted in 2011, while a PhD student at Stanford in mechanical engineering. His work on bio-inspired robotics earned him a pending patent and is being continued by Stanford and Honda. He also earned a MS from Stanford and a BS from UC Berkeley, has previously worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and SRI International, and consulted on Stanford mechatronics projects involving VW and Panasonic. Through his work at Boosted, he has three pending patents and was a speaker at TED 2013.

John Ulman
John Ulman
CTO & Co-Founder

John also co-founded Boosted while a PhD student at Stanford in mechanical engineering. He developed the original Boosted prototype, and invented new encoder and sensor technology during his doctoral research. He earned a MS from Stanford and a BS from Seattle University in both mechanical and electrical engineering. He was also a consulting engineer at SRI International and QBotix, a venture-backed solar robotics company. He has three pending patents through his work at Boosted.

Matt Tran
Matt Tran
CMO & Co-Founder

Matt was studying urban transportation and action sports through his previous startup before co-founding Boosted. He was a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin on the Airbourne Laser for six years after studying mechanical and aerospace engineering for his MS at Stanford, BS at Wichita State University, and diploma course fellowship at NATO’s von Karman Institute in Brussels. He has previously worked at NASA Dryden and Hawker Beechcraft.

Sal Trujillo
Sal Trujillo
Software Technical Lead

Sal was previously at QBotix as a senior robotics engineer, with three pending patents. He holds a PhD and MS from Stanford and a BS from Caltech, all in mechanical engineering. He has previously worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Sandia National Labs, Caltrans, and as an independent mechatronics consultant, and also taught mechatronics at Stanford.