Bridgit Field simplifies communications, increases accountability and visibility, and improves quality. Bridgit Bench is designed to eliminate spreadsheets for construction resource planning.

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The digital punch list: How tech innovations are streamlining project closeout

Construction Dive • Dec. 7, 2016

Field adoption, particularly among subcontractors, has been crucial to the success of punch list technologies that help to close out a project, and vendors say simple, intuitive user experience has been a key development in getting subs across a wide range of trades to leave Excel behind.

The smartest startups invest in their sales team early and often

Canadian Business • June 20, 2016

Take Bridgit, a Kitchener-based startup, which makes “punch list” software for construction sites. “We go after large, high-rise residential projects and big commercial buildings,” explains Lauren Lake, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer. “We sell a monthly subscription to use our product on-site, and we’re selling it to that general contractor or developer.”

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