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Chainalysis: Barclays Deal is Start of Banks Opening Up to Bitcoin

coindesk • Oct. 14, 2015

It's an open secret that companies working with bitcoin funds have long faced challenges gaining access to banking services. Though few are forthcoming about this business reality, the difficulties have affected startups around the globe – from the US to India and Argentina – resulting in business interruptions and attempts by industry firms to solve the problem through innovation. A new partnership between compliance startup Chainalysis and UK financial services giant Barclays, however, could hold the keys to reversing this trend.

Founders / Key Team

Michael Gronager
Michael Gronager
CEO & Co-Founder

Michael is the visionary leader. Former COO of Kraken, now Advisor. Bitcoin pioneer. Before that, Michael had a non for profit company building the biggest distributed data storage facility enabling physicists find new particles. Michael is on the board for a top500 computer center. Prior experience: Kraken, CERN, EGI, NDGF, NSC.

Jan Moller
Jan Moller
CTO & Co-Founder

Jan protects and processes data - he has built cryptographic solutions for financial institutions and worked with international engineering teams to build the leading virtual machine platform. He also created the most used mobile Bitcoin wallet. Prior experience: Cryptomatic, VM- Ware, Mycelium

Jonathan Levin
Jonathan Levin
CRO & Co-Founder

Jonathan is an entrepreneur and economist and has written extensively on Bitcoin. He has consulted to governments, first tier investment banks, VC funds about the future of Bitcoin and speaks regularly at international conferences. Prior experience: Coinometrics, Vivid Economics, Xstrata