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YC-Backed Kickback Offers An Easy Way To Play Minecraft Competitively

TechCrunch • March 2, 2015

Y Combinator-backed Kickback is looking to expand the scope of that market by building competitive ecosystems around pre-existing games. Its initial release is built upon Minecraft, the adventure toolbox now owned by Microsoft.

Founders / Key Team

Mark Prokoudine
Mark Prokoudine
CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to starting Kickback, Mark was co-founder of HackMcGil, a 500 person hackathon at McGill University, and co-founder of He graduated from McGill University with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2012. 

Vlad Nov
Vlad Nov
COO & Co-Founder

Vlad works on partnerships and operations at Kickback. He enjoys software, poker and building things. Prior to starting Kickback, he was a founder at 1000 Apparel. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University in 2012.