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DCD Webscale: Eliminating silos with machine learning

Data Center Dynamics • Aug. 5, 2016

In this interview Scott Noteboom, CEO of litbit and former leader of Apple’s global infrastructure team, explains how we can use machine learning to improve various aspects of the data center.

Litbit Looks to Revolutionize the Internet of Things • May 13, 2016

After three years of work where little was known about what they were doing, Litbit has recently lifted the veil on their product: a way to aid big businesses to manage all of their smart devices and machinery or, in other words, a smart way to manage all the different systems found in the IoT.

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Founders / Key Team

Scott Noteboom
Scott Noteboom
CEO & Co-Founder

Former head of Global Infrastructure at Apple. Former VP of Data Centers at Yahoo! Former Sr. Director, Global Ops at AboveNet. Found and VP Invoda

JP Balajadia
JP Balajadia

Founder / SVP at 365 Main (acquired by DLR in 2011 for $740M). Former Principal Chief Engineer at AboveNet. Former Electrical Engineer at AlphaTech.

Reza Hajebi
Reza Hajebi
VP of Engineering

Former CTO, Reply.  Founder/CTO AdHubs. Former Yahoo! exec.

A.D. Robison
A.D. Robison

Head of Data Center Design at Apple. Director, DC Development at Yahoo! DC Management at AboveNet.