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YC-Backed PersistIQ Raises $1.7M To Create Smarter Automation For Salespeople

TechCrunch • July 30, 2015

Sales workflow startup PersistIQ has raised $1.7 million in seed funding. This is one of those stories where the startup says it raised the money months ago, got busy and only decided to announce the news now. Investors in the seed round include Point Nine, Salesforce Ventures, Y Combinator and undisclosed angels. (PersistIQ was incubated last year at Y Combinator.)

Founders / Key Team

Pouyan Salehi
Pouyan Salehi
CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to starting Persist IQ, Pouyan was a co-founder at Lera Labs and StackMob, entrepreneur in residence at Redpoint Ventures, and former Business Operations Manager at Apple. He likes to make things and make things happen. 

Cyrus Karbassiyoon
Cyrus Karbassiyoon

Prior to starting PersistIQ, Cyrus was a co-founder at Lera Labs, software engineer at Social Shield, and co-founder at Shufl, Inc. Specialities: product design and engineering.