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We help small-medium sized restaurants and hotel chains streamline their hiring. Proven customers get 3x as many applicants and can go through the applications 10x as fast as traditional sources.

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Top Interview Questions - 150+ Technology Startups Share their Most Important Interview Question

Proven Blog • April 5, 2016

Technology giants like Google and Microsoft spend huge amounts of money on recruiting. They recognize that hiring well is key to continuing to succeed as a business. The same is true for technology startups where each hire, good or bad, can have massive impact on the business.

Founders / Key Team

Pablo Fuentes
Pablo Fuentes
CEO & Co-Founder

Pablo is committed to helping people find jobs through their mobile phones. He is also passionate about helping minorities and women start technology companies. Pablo was honored as a Champion of Change and has been invited to speak at the White House about Proven and mentoring. Pablo enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, snowboarding, kiteboarding, reading, and dogs. Pablo obtained a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and an MBA from the [Stanford Graduate School of Business][1]. Prior to obtaining his MBA at Stanford, Pablo was an equity analyst at Stadium Capital Management, a $500m value-oriented hedge fund with LPs such as the Stanford Endowment, the Duke Endowment, and other prominent institutional investors. [1]:

Sean Falconer
Sean Falconer
CTO & Co-Founder

Sean has a passion for designing and developing web and mobile applications. At Proven, he leads technical aspects of the product. Prior to Proven, he was a Postdoctoral Scholar at the [Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research][1] where he worked on applications for the semantic web. Sean has a PhD in Computer Science from the [University of Victoria][2], Canada. He has collaborated with the World Health Organization and National Institute of Health, and made contributions to the semantic web, knowledge engineering, and information visualization communities. He is the winner of the best research paper at the International Semantic Web Conference 2007, winner of the Semantic Web Challenge 2010, and his PhD thesis was nominated for the Governor General Gold Medal Award. Outside of work, Sean enjoys CrossFit, running, biking, and travelling. [1]: [2]:

Eric Brown
Eric Brown
Lead iOS Developer

Eric Brown is a senior software engineer with over 7 years of experience working on diverse projects from enterprise-level integration to consumer-facing iOS applications. Eric earned a BENg in Computer Engineering from the University of Victoria in Canada, and then took up a full-time position at AppLocation Systems in Victoria following a successful internship in which he worked on a wireless messaging system used to dispatch work orders to a fleet of tug boats for Seaspan International. At AppLocation, Eric led the development of several key components for a fleet management web portal for long-haul trucking, worked on RFID-based yard tracking systems for Bell Canada, and played a crucial role in the creation of a graphical operations dashboard for BCFerries. Eric is now the lead iOS Developer at, where his award-winning app has helped job seekers across the U.S. find employment quickly and easily from their mobile phones.