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News and Press Co-Founder Explains How Bitcoin Enables Their Amazon Discounts

Inside Bitcoins • May 24, 2016 has become one of the most popular use cases for Bitcoin, as the web app allows users to save 15 percent or more on their Amazon purchases. Although this discount is obviously attractive to pretty much anyone who shops online, not many people understand what makes this discount possible.

Purse Starts Pre-Integration Steam Gift Card Sale

The Merkle • Feb. 19, 2016

For those users who cannot wait any longer and want to get in on some Steam action right away, is offering a special temporary promotion

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Founders / Key Team

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee
CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew drives the company’s strategy, partnerships, and growth. Andrew draws on his previous experience founding an ISO, covering emerging payments at Merrill Lynch, and optimizing processes as an engineer at LG. He earned an MBA from Georgia Tech and a bachelor’s from the University of Florida.

Kent Liu
Kent Liu
CTO & Co-Founder

Kent oversees the technical and product vision of the company. Kent previously worked at IBM R&D on semiconductor defect simulation. He received a master’s from Cornell where he studied computational material science and optimization and a bachelor’s from UCLA.