Rickshaw is a same-day local delivery platform that makes it simple for businesses to provide fast, dependable, high-touch deliveries to their customers.

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YC-Backed Rickshaw Provides An API For Local Deliveries

Techcrunch • April 20, 2015

But why keep reinventing the wheel if the delivery and routing part of the service isn’t a part of your core competency? That’s the thinking behind Y Combinator-backed Rickshaw, which hopes to enable companies to outsource the logistics layer of the local delivery process in a way that will make same day pickups and drop-offs more efficient for all.

Y Combinator Demo Day Winter 2014, Batch 2

Tech Crunch • March 25, 2014

"Rickshaw turns deliveries into an API call. It makes deliveries on behalf of its customers, allowing them to focus on their core business. As it gets more customers, it can be scaled up and offer even better services based on economies of scale."

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