Rickshaw is a same-day local delivery platform that makes it simple for businesses to provide fast, dependable, high-touch deliveries to their customers.

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YC-Backed Rickshaw Provides An API For Local Deliveries

Techcrunch • April 20, 2015

But why keep reinventing the wheel if the delivery and routing part of the service isn’t a part of your core competency? That’s the thinking behind Y Combinator-backed Rickshaw, which hopes to enable companies to outsource the logistics layer of the local delivery process in a way that will make same day pickups and drop-offs more efficient for all.

Rickshaw Same-day Delivery Uses Zipcars Instead Of, Well, Rickshaws

Ziptopia (Zipcar Magazine) • Sept. 3, 2014

"Rickshaw is here to solve headache-inducing delivery issues for business owners."

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