Safe Shepherd

Safe Shepherd helps protect people from identity theft, digital criminals, and stalkers.

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Meet The Millennials Protecting Baby Boomers' Internet Privacy

Forbes • Sept. 10, 2012

This free service, which launched about a year ago, searches data broker’s websites and takes care of the laborious process of getting your name, address, etc. deleted. With about 50,000 users, Leshner said it’s mostly made up of 30 to 50 year olds (as you would imagine his company’s privacy policy doesn’t allow them to track user data, so this age group is only an estimate from talking to clients). He said this older generation of user feels like there is a physical threat to having this information on the Internet and uses Safe Shepherd to protect the whole family.

The Internet knows more about you than you think

The New York Post • Aug. 19, 2012

Google doesn’t tap into the extensive world of personal information that lives just out of reach of search engines. Remarkably detailed information about your personal life resides in databases maintained by the government, corporations and publications, and all of it is publicly accessible.

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