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Second Measure

Second Measure helps investors measure true company performance. By analyzing billions of purchases from U.S. consumers, we deliver unprecedented insight into public and private companies.

News and Press

This startup is the new secret weapon investors are using to outsmart each other

Business Insider • April 5, 2016

Hedge funds and venture capitalists alike are turning to this new Silicon Valley startup for their next information edge. Second Measure takes billions of anonymized credit card transactions and analyzes them so investors can see where consumers are voting with their dollars before a company’s quarterly earnings come out.

Second Measure Launches, Offering Powerful Live Data Analysis Of Public/Private Companies

TechCrunch • Aug. 10, 2015

A testament to the strength of Second Measure (YC S15) and their data analysis product is the fact that, after backing the company, Y Combinator was so impressed that they became paid users of the product themselves and are now using it to help inform their own future investments.

Founders / Key Team

Mike Babineau
Mike Babineau
CEO & Co-Founder

Michael is an entrepreneurial engineer with a knack for product, data, and infrastructure. Prior to starting Second Measure, he was a consultant at Mesophere, Inc. helping to bring Mesos/DCOS to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. He was also a senior software engineer at The Factory and Rumble.

Lillian Chou
Lillian Chou

Lillian is the co-founder of Second Measure, a company that transforms credit card transactions into actionable insights for investors and analyzes consumer purchases to deliver insight into public and private companies. Her specialities include distributed data systems, databases, hiring, project management, Hadoop, Cascading, Kafka, AWS, Redshift, Java, and R. Prior to starting Second Measure, Lillian was a Data Systems and Analytics Manager at Rumble. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Computer Science.