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How Shippo is building a big data warehouse in the cloud

TechRepublic • Feb. 13, 2017

Co-founder Laura Behrens Wu explains how the startup is reshaping the logistics industry by helping small companies compete using big data and cloud shipping tools.

Shippo Introduces General Access USPS ePostage

Yahoo Finance • Jan. 12, 2017

Shippo, the leading API platform for shipping, today announced they are the first to launch USPS ePostage for general access. Through USPS' new ePostage program, Shippo enables any business to access USPS shipping services online.

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Founders / Key Team

Laura Behrens Wu
Laura Behrens Wu
CEO & Co-Founder

Has lived in 7 countries on 5 continents over the last 22 years. She speaks 5 languages. Having worked in 2 YC-startups (LendUp and Earbits) in growthhacking, she knows how to build up growth.

Simon Kreuz
Simon Kreuz
COO (front end) & Co-Founder

Front end, worked with Microsoft & Accenture. He is also experienced in international trade logistics. He first encountered logistics difficulties when looking for a logistics provider for his social venture selling South African bags.

Matthieu Nowicki 
Matthieu Nowicki 
Front-end Developer

Worked at Orange (Project Manager) & Deloitte, studied at CS & Engineering at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and UC Berkeley.

Subhi Beidas
Subhi Beidas
Back-End Developer

Worked as a software Engineer at Integrated Plasmonics Corporation and a technology analyst at Goldman Sachs. BS in Computer Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.