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Skymind supports deep learning for enterprise on Hadoop and Spark, operating on distributed CPUs and GPUs.

News and Press

M3:’s Melanie Warrick to deliver keynote using neural nets and machine learning to set the tone

The Register • March 15, 2017

Melanie is a Deep Learning Engineer at, and focuses on both neural nets and distributed systems, as she builds machine learning products that consume data at scale.

We chat with deep learning company, Skymind, about the future of AI

The Next Web • Dec. 24, 2016

As AI integration becomes more prominent, one can’t help but to think about just how intelligent deep learning technology will be in the future. One of the first place many of our minds go is to AI becoming too intelligent and taking matters into its own virtual hands.

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Founders / Key Team

Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson
CEO & Co-Founder

Chris is co-founder and CEO at Previously, Chris handled PR and recruiting for FutureAdvisor, an automated investment manager backed by Sequoia, Canvas and YCombinator. FutureAdvisor's AUM and revenue grew by 45x during his 20 months there, while quadrupling the size of the team. Before that, Chris reported and edited for The New York Times, the International Herald Tribune and Bloomberg Businessweek. 

Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson

Adam is co-founder at