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Apps That Track Babies’ Bodies And Movements Give Parents ‘Peace Of Mind’

Parent Herald • June 24, 2016

Another digital parenting tool is New Deal Design's Sproutling, a wearable device and sensor-tracking technology that wraps around an infant's ankle. Through Sproutling, parents will be able to track their baby's sleeping patterns, Wired reported.

How Gadi Amit is putting the future of wearables under your skin

Wired • Sept. 11, 2015

In 2013, two San Francisco-based entrepreneurs, Chris Bruce and Mathew Spolin, contacted a local product designer called Gadi Amitwith the idea of making a wearable device. "They had some core sensors and a general idea for the branding," Amit says. "But, as is usually the case with wearables, most of the sensors brought to us were raw inventions from a medical lab. The end users are not medical professionals." In fact, in the case of Bruce's and Spolin's device, the Sproutling, the end users were babies.

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