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Wheelys café costs a fraction to start compared to traditional cafés, and can be moved to the best spots in the world. Did we mention it is very environmentally friendly!

News and Press

Wheelys is opening an unmanned store to satisfy all your late night cravings

Tech Wire Asia • March 10, 2017

HAVE a mad case of the midnight munchies? No problem. An unmanned retail store is set to be the next zany idea from European startup Wheelys.

Wheelys expands to unmanned stores

Arctic Startup • Dec. 28, 2016

Wheelys Inc, a Swedish Y Combinator startup running bike cafe franchise covering some 60 countries, said has acquired technology for running unmanned stores, expanding the brand’s retail revolution to a new field.

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Founders / Key Team

Maria De La Croix
Maria De La Croix
CEO & Co-Founder

Prior to starting Wheelys, Maria was the Art Director at The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, as well as Studio Total. She graduated from the Bergen National Academy of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Per Cromwell
Per Cromwell
Creative Director & Co-Founder

Per has extensive experience in new ways of creative marketing and has worked in marketing for over 20 years. He spent his early years in fields like graphic design, illustration, motions graphics and film editing. From 2005 and on the work has been mainly creative direction working at Studio Total. He has been ranked as one of the most creative persons in Sweden and was the co-founder of Studio Total, The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, and The Tale Studio. He has featured in several books and numerous academic papers:

Tomas Mazetti
Tomas Mazetti

Wheelys was founded by Tomas Mazetti, former head of the Advertising agency Studio Total and is today run by a group of people from very different backgrounds with experiences from most of Scandinavias super brands, such as IKEA, H&M and several others.