Angel Capital Association

FundersClub has rolled out a new feature that allows accredited individuals to invest in startups via a tax-advantaged, self-directed IRA account. The feature has been built to allow accredited investors to invest from their IRA in any startup, not just the ones available on the FundersClub platform itself.

To make tax-advantaged investments in startups, click here to register for FundersClub.

To invest in FundersClub-listed opportunities from your IRA, simply select the IRA option when making an investment.

To invest in other opportunities from your IRA, simply contact us and we'll get back to you with more information.

More info:

A "self-directed" IRA account means that you have complete control over selecting and directing your own individual retirement investments. Investing in startups via a self-directed IRA account gives an accredited investor the option to diversify his or her retirement portfolio to include the startup asset class in a tax efficient manner. Any growth or earnings can accumulate tax free; this includes any interest, capital gains, or dividend income from an individual's original investment which can grow tax-deferred after a company's IPO or acquisition. Note that investing in startups carries high risk and you should consult your financial advisor before deciding how to allocate your portfolio.

We've partnered with The Entrust Group, a company that has provided account administration services for self-directed retirement and tax-advantaged plans for over 30 years, to offer this feature.