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FundersClub is trusted by over 18,000 accredited investor members and growing

FundersClub is trusted by over 18,000 accredited investor members. We are officially acknowledged by the SEC, are a member of the National Venture Capital Association and Angel Capital Association, and are backed by some of the world's best institutional VC investors. We earn trust by living our values and continuously striving to provide the best service and support.

Institutional Credentials

“I am thrilled with what FundersClub is doing for entrepreneurship and venture capital.”

Tim Draper Founder of DFJ

World Class Service

We continue to raise the bar on service in the industry. Other than being the first to enable online investing in a startup in the US, we continue to innovate (e.g. most recently, with the industry’s first transparent financial reporting).

By listening to the feedback of our community, we’ve led the industry in providing the easiest to use startup investing platform, the most transparent platform, and the platform with the best access to the world’s most promising startups.

Engaged Support

We’re a community and organization comprised of real people, at the ready to be helpful via phone or online.

Whether you’re a seasoned venture capital and private equity investor or are entirely new to startup investing, our full-time team headquartered in San Francisco is available to guide you through any questions or concerns.

Waiting on standby to provide support is not enough. We focus on driving delightful experiences. In order to achieve an optimal experience on our platform, we constantly measure and evaluate key performance metrics including our customer support response time, member satisfaction and engagement rates.