About FundersClub

Our Value-Add

FundersClub arms startups with unprecedented added value above and beyond money.

FundersClub provides a unique and powerful network to the world's best entrepreneurs that transcends the value of the money it invests. FundersClub startups benefit from the experience, advice, and connections of a vast army of high-net-worth, highly-connected, and highly-experienced professionals with a vested financial and personal interest in helping the companies succeed.

A vast, high-quality network of engaged and successful operators and investors

FundersClub attracts members who are accomplished in their careers and the world around them. Each venture fund run by FundersClub includes up to 95 high net worth members who represent a spectrum of accomplished professionals including senior level engineers; product and project managers; executive, director and C-level technical, marketing, sales, HR, and business leaders; angel and VC investors; lawyers; bankers; accountants; consultants; celebrity actors and musicians; and more. These individuals in turn bring their own professional networks of hundreds of contacts each, giving funded startups access to an extremely high quality professional network numbering in the tens of thousands of individuals.

Active members of FundersClub include top employees at corporations such as Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Bank of America, CNN, Dell, eBay, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, Groupon, Intel, Intuit, LinkedIn, Logitech, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Pixar, Samsung, Verisign, Visa, Vistaprint, VMWare, Walmart, Yahoo!, and Zynga, as well as many successful startups including Airbnb, Twilio, and more.

Immediate, meaningful impact

FundersClub fund investors don't sit on the startups' Boards, but rather are available as a resource to FundersClub entrepreneurs to help with the many small but critical needs of a startup that add up and are responsible for moving the needle forward at the highest promise startups--recruiting, partnership introductions, customer introductions, vetted vendor introductions, operational and managerial advice, and more.

How quickly and to what degree can FundersClub actually help startups succeed? Just look at these recent case studies of the FundersClub value-add in action:



Already on a multi-million dollar revenue run-rate and cash flow positive just months following its founding, the social video advertising platform was in need of vetted, high quality sales and marketing leaders to help it continue its meteoric rise.

FundersClub value-add

Within days of receiving the request, the FundersClub network delivered 5 vetted senior level marketing and sales candidates with experience at top e-commerce, publishing, and tech companies.



With revenues doubling monthly and transactional volume jumping from 5 digits to 6 digits to 7 digits, this social media e-commerce company that helps sellers sell via Facebook and other social networks was caught in a position of needing additional senior technical leadership faster than it had ever anticipated.

FundersClub value-add

Within weeks of the start of the search, the FundersClub network delivered an individual who is now employed as Soldsie's Chief Scientist, formerly one of Facebook's most respected former engineers and leaders (she single-handedly built the original Facebook Ads Platform and proceeded to lead the continuing development of the platform that underpins Facebook's primary source).