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UpWest Labs was founded in January 2012 in Silicon Valley as the only accelerator program in the US serving Israeli startups. The program enables entrepreneurs to build their product closer to their market, establish strong partnerships and create valuable product momentum. UpWest Labs graduates have raised more than $50M in funding (e.g. Sentinel Labs, CyberX, Neura) with an average seed round of over $1M per company; Over 70% of the startups have raised follow-on funding, with a few of them acquired by the likes of Google, Priceline and Gartner.


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The accelerator provides a mentorship-based 4-month program in Palo Alto, offering startups a small seed investment, essential resources, and access to a robust network of experts, customers and capital. UpWest Labs allows Israeli teams to benefit from Silicon Valley business know-how and establish a first outpost in the US. Mentors at UpWest Labs include executives from leading US companies such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn, as well as Israeli CEOs and leading angels and VCs.

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